• Part One

    Chris is a single dad who loves Christmas. But when his daughter, Susan asks him if she can get one of those elf toys - you know the one - he says no. But Susan wears him down and against his better judgement, he reluctantly agrees.

    He could never imagine what that will cost them both.

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  • Part Two

    Chris reluctantly picks up the elf doll at the store. He does what he's supposed to and sets up the doll in whimsical situations, like he's supposed to. It's going well. Until the elf does something unexpected.

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  • Part Three

    One night at dinner, Susan says something unsettling about Milo, leading Chris to spy on the elf toy (no matter how silly it seems). What he discovers leaves him shaken and shaking.

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  • Part Four

    In the aftermath of last night’s discovery, Chris is resolute. He has to get rid of the elf toy. He takes desperate, drastic steps and disposes of it. But can something like Milo ever be truly disposed of?

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  • Part Six

    In the chilling finale, Chris never wanted the elf toy, and it has made his life hell! And what it is doing to Susan terrifies him. It’s time to take action! He confronts the toy but finds out what the true cost of bringing the elf into his home truly is.

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  • Part Five

    Since his last attempt to get rid of Milo didn’t work, Chris is determined to do something even more drastic. If he could just find where the elf is hiding. His search leaves the house in shambles just when Susan is coming home. To hide the mess Chris decides that they will go to a hotel as a "treat", but discovers that they are still not out of Milo’s reach.

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  • It Sees You When You’re Sleeping – Trailer

    Chris is a Christmas-loving single dad who gives in to his daughter's request for a certain elf toy - you know the one - and finds himself face to face with an evil he could never have imagined. Written and performed by Phil Rickaby. Episodes start November 17, 2021.
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Contains Explicit Language
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